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A Season To Love by Nicole Deese

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About the Book:

At this point in her life, bravery is not a trait Willa Hart would readily claim. She believes her seven-year-old daughter, Savannah, who never knew her father and successfully tackled chemotherapy, is truly the courageous one. Yet after Willa has a fateful encounter with handsome young doctor Patrick McCade, her outlook—and her view of herself—begins to change.
Patrick, a thrill-seeking world traveler and temporary resident of Lenox, Oregon, sets out to show Willa the value of adventure, even within her tiny town. But just when their friendship shows signs of turning into something more, Patrick’s life as a traveling doctor calls him back. Will his last days in town signal the end of their journey, or will Patrick and Willa find the courage to transform a single season into a lifetime?

My Thoughts:

This is my third novel by Nicole Deese and I have discovered something I feel I must disclose to you, my reading friends:

She is a dangerous woman.

No, not like Ariana Grande!!  More like Karen Kingsbury in disguise.  Yes, that's it!  Nicole writes the kind of fiction that could make Kingsbury sob and snot and go through an entire box of tissues!

I know, that part was gross, but you get my point, right?  I mean, when I read "The Promise of Rayne", I spent many pages tearing up, and I loved it.  Then I read "A Cliche Christmas" and my reading mind exploded from the feels.

I knew I'd cry.  But I thought it was safe to pick up "A Season To Love".  I wept through two thirds of the book!  I felt a kinship with Willa from the first page, a widow at 25 and raising a little girl who turns out to have cancer???  Oh, my heart!

And then there's little Savannah.  What a doll, what a little spitfire, what an inspiration...I want to meet her!  And she isn't real!  Good luck not crying over her when...oops!  Almost dropped a spoiler!

And finally, Dr. McCade, the physician who's been caring for Savannah since she was born, and the man who detected the deadly disease in its earliest stage.  When Willa takes a reluctant Vannie in for a cold and cough...

It's not Dr. Potato's son of Potato Nose (hey, that's Savannah's name for him, not mine!  Blame the six year old!!), and he is one hot potato with a stethoscope!  He's smart, he's cute, he's funny, he has a wonderful rapport with Savannah...and he scares the willies out of Willa.

Old friends from "A Cliche Christmas" come along for this literary ride: Weston, Georgia, Nan, and more. And talk about sibling rivalry...more sparks fly between brother and sister than doctor and mom of patient, and these will singe your eyebrows off!  At times I wanted to reach into the book and shake Weston until his teeth rattled.

But then I'd want to wring some sense and some hope into Willa...and then I realized she was me.  My word for 2017 is CONTROL (as in lack of), and I think it's her word as well.  I just love her, and want to move to Lenox and spend time there, if only it were real.

So, I'm giving "A Season To Love" my "Oh! The Feels!" award, and naming Nicole Deese a new favorite author on my "Must Read" shelf--which is getting mighty full.  Get your copy of "A Season To Love"--better yet, start with "A Cliche Christmas", and don't forget "The Promise of Rayne"!

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Nicole Deese said...

What an awesome review!!! Thank you! And I totally agree, "control" is definitely Willa's word too. 😉


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