Tuesday, January 3, 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR--2 days late!

Hello My Fellow Readers!

Happy New Year 2017 to you all!  And, yes, I realize I'm a few days late.  In fact, I was kind of shocked and slightly embarrassed when I saw the date of my last post--December 8th.  For someone committed to reviewing, that's pretty dog gone sad.

True confession time:  I've been struggling for the past couple of years, but especially the last few months.  I've always been prone to depression--research has stated that the more creative the mind, the darker the times of depression.  Don't know it that's true, but I can definitely understand it.

When I re-branded my review blog and gave it a fresh, new look, I truly was excited about reviewing again.  I've loved books since I read my first one.  Having penned a few novels and gotten to know so many lovely authors, I have a heart for the creators of the craft as well.

I know I'm not doing well when I don't want to read.  It usually begins with difficulty finding a book that will hold my attention.  Then it becomes the game of 'read a chapter, then do something else'. Finally, just the sight of all of my to be read piles leaves me feeling overwhelmed, undone, and panicked.

Why am I telling you all of this, on a public forum?  Because, as a daughter the King, a child of God, and one of Christ's beloved, I'm tired of hiding in the shadows.  Newsflash world: just because we follow Christ, we are still not perfect!  But I have bought the lie that, in order to be a good witness I have to hide my dark spots.

I can't live like that any longer.  If you have never battled depression, you might see me as weak and whiny.  That's okay, you are free to do that.  I hope you never, ever encounter depression--it is a very dark, lonely, isolating place.

I'm comfortable with saying I'm struggling with it.  I'm in pretty good company, when you think about it: Elijah, Jeremiah, Peter, King David...if my heroes of the faith can do it, so can I.

The good news is I'm getting help.  I'm slowly doing better.  It's a choice, and I'm choosing victory for today.  I will deal with tomorrow...well...tomorrow.  And take one day at a time, celebrating the rock solid fact that Jesus loves me, He's proud of me, and, quite honestly---He thinks I'm to die for.

He feels the same about you as well, just so you know.  Doesn't do you much good if you don't get to know Him though, and I'm always here to introduce you to the greatest Friend, Brother, and only Savior I'd ever need.

In the meantime, if you wouldn't mind, pray for me?  Pray for me to fight toward the light and to escape the darkness?  And when I'm stuck in the dark, bring your candle of faith and sit with me awhile?  I'm funny, even when I'm depressed!

And, if you are more like me than you'd like to be (sorry about that!), leave me a comment and I'll pray for you as well.

Now, on to the business of great books!

Mark Your Place,.....ummmm.....nope, don't like that anymore.  How about

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Anonymous said...

I will pray for you.


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