Thursday, September 8, 2016

Throw Back Thursday: The Last Con by Zachary Bartels

About the Book:

Former con man Fletcher Doyle is finally home after six years in the pen. He’s working a menial job, regaining his bearings in the world, and trying to revive his relationships with his wife and twelve-year-old daughter. No easy feat.

But when Fletcher and his family go on a mission trip to Detroit—in the company of the condescending church leader who also happens to be his landlord—Fletcher finds his old life waiting for him. Within hours of arriving in the city, he’s been blackmailed into doing a job for a mysterious criminal who calls himself The Alchemist.

A series of relics hidden by the Knights of Malta, as ancient as they are priceless, are in the sights of The Alchemist. What he needs is a gifted grifter with a background in ecclesiastical history . . . what he needs is Fletcher Doyle.

Between hiding his reawakened criminal life from his wife and trying to hide her from their relentless landlord, Fletcher is ready to give up. But when his family is drawn into the dangerous world he can’t shake, Fletcher is forced to rely on his years in the game to save the only people who mean more to him than the biggest con in history.

My Thoughts:

Attention all fans of Leverage, The Sting, The Italian Job, or The Librarians!!!!!

This is a book you MUST. NOT. MISS.  Zachary Bartels exploded on the fiction scene with his debut novel, "Playing Saint".  Now, his sophomore novel is head and shoulders one of the best of the current offerings today.

Imagine you are a career criminal in the art of fraud.  You finally get convicted, do your time, and then try to redeem your family's trust.

But then, the deal of a lifetime comes by you, and it's for good, not for evil.  What do you do??  That's the basic premise of "The Last Con".  Yes, there is some ancient church history, cloaked in 'Da Vinci Code' type mystery.

But, oh, the twists!  The turns!  The mind-bending loop-di-loops!  My heart races through the entire book, and it was better than any thrill ride you can find.  What a movie this would make!

For now, it's a true movie for the mind, and one you do not want to miss.  My thanks to my friends at NetGalley for an advance copy.  This one is so good I plan on getting my own, even though I received a copy in exchange for my review.

Highly, highly, highly recommended.


Why are you still here??  Get thee to a bookstore immediately!  Until then...

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