Thursday, August 25, 2016

My Promise To My Readers


I intended to post daily, but my home life took a turn and I was needed elsewhere.  Now, let the journey continue...

As a blogger, my biggest struggle lately is two-fold: quality reading material, and consistency.  Basically, I read whatever and blog whenever, and that is no way to operate a blog designed to serve readers.

So, as of Monday, August 29, 2016, I make this promise to my readers:

1) I will never lie to you.  I won't hide behind 'being nice' and mislead you into purchasing a book that isn't worth your money or time.  And I won't 'slam' a book just because I feel like it.

2) I will not throw my words around lightly.  If I believe a book is a stinker, I will make my case.  If I believe a book is dangerous, I will make my case.  And if I believe in a book so passionately I cannot stand myself...I will make my case.

3) I will be consistent.  My current goal is three new reviews a week.  That will be adjusted as my time is consumed by other needs.  But I also commit to share memes, photos, reveals, coming attractions, and all bookish things that make me smile, cry, laugh, or shake my head.

So that is my commitment to you, my readers.  Any thoughts?

Until next time...

Mark your place,




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