Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My Philosophy of Book Reviewing

Greetings again!

If you are still with me on this new journey, thank you very much!  If you are not, well, you won't read this anyway, but thank you, too!

So, for my philosophy of book reviewing...it's fairly simple:

1) Respect the author.  Don't attack him or her on views, beliefs, or intelligence.  Yes, a book is a reflection of said author, but unless the views are extremely contrary to Scripture, be gentle and kind.

2) Respect the reader.  Don't talk down, and don't criticize anyone who might enjoy a book you didn't care much for.  Every book isn't for every reader, and that's okay.

3) Respect the time line.  This is the most difficult one for me because my time can vanish before I blink, and I've missed a critical deadline.  It's so easy for me to overbook (pun intended!), and I rob the author of a timely review.

4) Respect the reviewer.  We all have different tastes, preferences and beliefs.  Find a way to disagree that is respectful and non-offensive.  After all, to someone else you are 'that' reviewer, too.

5) Respect the Word.  I'll be honest...God's Word is my litmus test.  If I find an element in a story that is contrary to His Word, I'll point it out.  That's it...just point it out.  You'll have to decide if said element is a deal breaker for you.

6) Respect the truth.  It is difficult to be critical of someone's baby.  But there isn't much point in writing reviews if I'm not going to be honest with you.  No, it isn't fun to not enjoy someone's hard work, but as I said before...we are all drawn to different things, and that's okay.

7) Respect the process.  Sometimes I write reviews and those reviews get criticized.  Sometimes it's fair and sometimes it isn't fair.  But I can't waste time getting offended, or getting caught up in a war of opinions.  All I can do is ask for respect...and making sure I give respect in kind.

So, that's basically my philosophy of reviewing.  Any thoughts?  I'd love to hear from you!  What's your philosophy??

Until later...

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