Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Shameful Self Promotion


Since moving my blog and giving it a facelift (the most painless kind you can get!), my readership has **POOF** vanished.  I totally get it--new look, new place, new name...and then there's hit-and-miss me.

SO, in a move of total shameless self-promotion, I'm offering this as a bribe little incentive:

1) Leave me a comment, and tell me the last good book you've read.
2) Leave me a link to your blog if you'd like and we can share some linky love.
3) Leave me a way to contact you (i.e., email--rather than telegraph--didn't learn Morse Code).

And on SATURDAY, JANUARY 7th, 2017, at NOON here in California (I'm bad with math, geography, and sewing--but I can cook and I'm GREAT with words!), I will reward one faithful reader (by doing this you are promising not to forget me once you have your prize)....................


Yup, you read that correctly!  A whole 25 virtual smackers to spend on new books (or a gift for me, but really, you shouldn't have!).  Just for agreeing to be my bloggy friend.  And, no, my mom didn't have to pay the neighbor kids to play with me.  But she did make me shower regularly and wear clean clothes!

So get to it, my new bloggy friends!  And know this: I love Jesus, I love books, I love authors.........
and I love YOU!

Until the next page,



B. Larson said...

I recently read "A Low Country Christmas" by Mary Alice Monroe. I have read her other Low Country books and like how she ties in characters from each book. beckylars@comcast.net

Jane Reads said...

I am currently in the middle of reading "The Wedding Shop" by Rachel Hauck and loving it so far. I've just started a blog myself, cjaneread.blogspot.ca, would love to have you check it out. Thanks. cjaneread98@gmail.com