Friday, August 26, 2016

My Ratings and Standards

Greetings to my faithful followers!

This is the last of the informational posts, with the official launch and inaugural book review debuting on Monday.  For today, I thought I'd give you a sneak peek at my review standards...

In the past, I awarded bookmarks, ranging from one to five (low to high), and the highest honor was to receive my Golden Bookmark.  Eventually I changed that to a five star scale.

While I have no problem with that kind of system, I wanted something more meaningful.  A system that truly reflected my thoughts and opinions of the books I've been reading.  This is what I have crafted:

Just Can't: for the books I am unable to finish.  Either the writing is very poor, or the plot is weak/predictable to the point of embarrassing.  I don't expect to use this rating, but one never knows.

Library Pick: if I've enjoyed the story but within a few days I have difficulty remembering details, or it was more of a 'fluffy' read, I'd recommend you pick the book up at the local library or a used book store.  It's enjoyable, but not memorable.

One To Watch: this goes to those authors I discover, either writing their debut book or self-publishing their work.  I'm intrigued, but it's hard to base a solid fandom on one book.  If I believe the writer is on the verge of something fabulous, I'll recommend the book and advise you to check out the author's web presence.

Something Good Here: a book that I thoroughly enjoy, but not quite excited about.

Oh The Feels!:  pretty much equal to a four star rating, but this rating lets you know the story packs an emotional punch.  Either exercises your funny bone, or will encourage you to purchase multi-packs of tissues, these books are to quickly be added to your 'must read' list.

Packs A Punch!: prepare to have your mind blown by this story.  Not so much emotionally as much as intellectually.  Again, similar to a four star rating, but appealing to your imagination rather than your heart.

Such A Time:  those words, found in the Book of Esther, have always greatly impacted my life.  This is when reviewing is most enjoyable.  For instance, I have an author friend who crafts the most intense military suspense you'll find in today's market.  Recently she explored a dream of a story, creating a high fantasy world and gearing her book to a young adult audience.  Either the material is timely, the message is powerful and profound, or the book is genre changing (think Frank Peretti's 'This Present Darkness')

For the Ages:  destined to become a classic, and so well written the book will stand the test of time. These are the books I wish I could experience fresh once again.  If I was independently wealthy, I would be buying cases of the book and handing them out to everyone I met.

So, there you have it!  My personal standards and rating system for this new chapter of my reviewing adventure.  Thoughts?  I'd love to know what you think...

Until then...

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